Here’s What You Should Know About Me

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Sam, or Samantha if you’d rather we kept things formal. I’m one of those types that read books under the covers in the dark and probably had more fictitious than real friends. The former is still true. I hope the latter isn’t. I’ve got a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing and in my spare time I’m working on a graphic novel (I’d rather call it a comic book) and a regular novel.


Digital Marketing

I’ve been working in digital marketing, with a specific focus on social media marketing, for over four years now. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness or sales, my passion lies in promoting SMEs and the work of entrepreneurs and I have experience in food, drink, health and beauty. These are the kind of things I normally do:


Content marketing, including social media, video and blog posts

SEO consultation and management

CMS maintenance

Social media and web analytics

Influencer outreach




Who said I’d never put my degree to good use?* I’ll write the kind of content that grabs attention (in the right way), helping businesses to tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell. Or the story they just came up with yesterday. Either way, I’ll make it sound good. My most recent is working to launch a high-end jewellery company and I have experience in:


Social media copy

Website copy

Outreach emails and newsletters

Product descriptions


I also have been known to do long-form content (ghost-writing book chapters for instance) and proof-reading, I’m flexible to do whatever the job calls for.

*Me, quite a lot, actually. I tend to get introspective about major life decisions around 2am.


What You’ll Find on My Blog

This is where the pop culture aficionado bit comes in. I have been called, on occasion, ‘a human IMDB’ and accused of knowing the lyrics to ‘every song ever’. I dispute these claims. I do, however, have opinions on almost every facet of pop culture and my blog is the place to find extensive ruminations.